What is a TMS "transportation management system"?

A transportation management system (TMS) is specialized software for planning, executing and optimizing the shipment of goods.

The main goal is helping transport companies or carriers to reduce costs, to improve efficiency, to enhance customer service, by streamlining their transport flows. 

But it is also a transactional and communication system that enables users to plan, execute and track shipments.


What are the benefits of a TMS?

The benefits of a transportation management software are:

  • Reduced costs for the business and the end customer
  • Simplification transportation processes across geographies, modes, and carriers
  • Automation of operations for faster and more accurate billing and documentation
  • Improvement in visibility and security, especially in transit
  • Time savings—fewer manual steps result in fewer delays and faster delivery times
  • The ability to track freight, both locally and globally, on a single platform
  • New insights as better reporting leads to faster action and process improvement
  • Improvements in customer service and customer satisfaction with real-time updates and fewer shipment delays
  • The ability to scale the business by meeting and exceeding customer demands for fast, on-time shipments

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